Our Team Services

The Samuels Real Estate Team is a team of highly specialized professionals that have over 150 years of real estate experience combined in the Tampa Bay Area. Our team has been created from the ground up to offer our clients the best and most personalized Real Estate experience in the industry.

Our team members specialize in their area! We are not just a group of Realtors working together. We are a team of highly specialized professionals. What this means to you is: you are not just getting a single realtor that juggles 100 different clients and scenarios while trying to complete paperwork and cater to clients…. Instead, it means you are working with a team member that specializes solely on your needs. Our team support staff handles other details like paperwork and follow-up, which gives our specialists more time to focus on you. Besides, what good is 150 years of experience if it’s being wasted on paperwork and basic organization?

This all boils down to you. Our job is your deal! It’s ALL about the deal! Our team focuses and uses all of our resources to make sure nothing is over looked and you are getting the best and most thorough level of service, negotiation, and marketing in the industry.

Let our team work for you. If you have a need for a real estate professional, then
“It’s ALL about the deal!”

Our team Specialties include:

Luxury Real Estate
Selling a Home
Buying a Home
Bank Asset Management
Real Estate Marketing
Short Sale Facilitation