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Bahama Shores Neighborhood Association

60th Avenue S. St. Petersburg, FL 33705


The early years of Bahama Shores1920’s:

​In the 1920’s, the area we now know as Bahama Shores was known as Alta Marina. B. F. Stephenson developed it from 56`h Ave. S. to Knox Ave. S. (what was to become Bahama Shores Dr. S.). Mr. Stephenson built two homes initially. The first home was on the corner of 3rd St. and 63rd Ave. S. The second was on the southwest corner of 3rd St. and 62nd Ave. S. At this stage in our neighborhood’s history, the waves of Tampa Bay lapped at the back yards of these homes.

The bus line started service to the neighborhood in 1927.


​In the 1940s, a few homes were built on 4th St. S. In the mid 1940’s, Mr. Stephenson’s interests were sold to Mr. Robert Lyons. He later brought in fill dirt that pushed out the bay and doubled the size of the neighborhood. The area was formally platted as Bahama Beach.On February 26, 1948, the Bahama Beach Homeowners Association held its initial meeting at the Lakewood School. About 50 homeowners were present. The Officers and Directors were as follows:President H. S. SlocumVice President O. D. CloakleySecretary & Treasurer Dr. Donald TruscottDirectors C. E. RebertRay E. DuganJ. C. ReinboldC. B. McCartneyThe Association was formed as a non-profit organization solely for the purpose of community betterment and property protection. Dues were set at $10 per year……..
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